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Dave Narasimhan

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Mr. Narasimhan has a Ph.D. in Materials Science from Brown University, an M.E. in Metallurgical Engineering, and a B.E. in Metallurgical Engineering. He has been Corporate Fellow, highest level in the technical ladder, and Manager at Honeywell International Inc., where he was a key generator of intellectual property. Dr. Narasimhan was involved in the preparation and prosecution of numerous patent applications, as well as several major patent enforcement actions, and has provided technical guidance concerning complex patent matters during the past twenty years.  He has 27 issued US patents and assisted litigation teams that successfully enforced two amorphous metal patents in international trial and appellate proceedings, including a successful defense during interference proceedings of patents on carbon- carbon manufacture. Dr. Narasimhan routinely comes up with innovative and patentable solutions addressing complex technical problems. He was selected “Inventor of the Year” for 1991 by the NJ Inventors Hall of Fame and received the Thomas Alva Edison award.  In addition, Dr. Narasimhan has received six technical achievement awards from Honeywell for creating key intellectual property for the business units with significant financial outcomes. He has authored thirty technical publications, and edited one book directed to hetero structures and semiconductor devices. In addition to the 27 issued US patents, he has at least 15 pending US patents.  Several of Dr. Narasimhan’s issued US patents have worldwide counterparts in areas that include amorphous metals, carbon-carbon, abradable seals, crystal growth of laser hosts and electronic materials, ultra-high temperature high strength materials, flywheel structures and tribology.