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Margaret A. La Croix

Senior Associate


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About Margaret A. La Croix

Ms. LaCroix’s experience encompasses work in Inorganic, Organic, and Analytical Chemistry as well as Cellular Biology. During her undergraduate studies she worked as a research assistant in the University’s Physical Chemistry Department.  After completion of her undergraduate degree she worked at New York University in the Neo-Natal Department, where she studied the role extra-cellular adhesion proteins play in disease.  Upon leaving NYU she worked as a research scientist at Honeywell International Inc. in the Pharmaceutical Intermediate Research and Development Department.  There she performed Multi-Step Organic Synthesis in the research and development of novel pharmaceutical intermediates and, collaborated with clients from Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies. During that time Ms. LaCroix also assisted in training chemists during international technology transfer campaigns of pharmaceutical intermediate compounds at international manufacturing facilities and is a co-inventor on methods of producing of alkoxy arylamine compounds which find particular use in the syntheses of pharmaceutical drugs. After working at Honeyewll International Inc. Ms. LaCroix worked with Merck (Schering Plough Pharmaceuticals) in the Analytical Pharmaceutical Department before attending law school.

Registered to practice in the States of New Jersey and New York, and registered to practice as a patent attorney before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office; Memberships: Moot Court (2000-2003); American Chemical Society; University of Scranton undergraduate research student, Physical Chemistry Quantum Mechanics Department (994-1995); Undergraduate thesis, “Photochemistry of Nitromethane” (1995); Biological Research, New York University, Tisch Hospital; Research Scientist/Organic Chemistry, Honeywell, Inc, and Merck (Schering Plough Pharmaceuticals); Co-Inventor, U.S. Patent No. 6,420,606, “Method for Producing Alkoxy Arylamine Compounds”.


New Jersey (2004); New York (2005); U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (Reg. No. 57,398)(2005)