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Experienced NJ Intellectual Property Law Firm

Ernest D. Buff & Associates’ intellectual property attorneys have the technical skills necessary to serve the needs of industry. Our clients include software authors, publishers and distributors, manufacturers, inventors, resellers of emerging technologies, and end-users of these goods and services.  Our firm assists established entities and start-up enterprises by bringing a broad base of industry experience, technical knowledge, litigation skills and business law to bear directly on clients’ technology-related questions. 


Attorneys at Ernest D. Buff & Associates have experience in the electrical and mechanical arts including high-speed data communication systems and software such as data network switches and multiplexors employing packet switching technology, cellular communication systems and algorithms, semiconductor devices, circuits and devices for consumer products, aircraft control systems, and personal computer software applications.

Our intellectual property attorneys have additional experience in the chemical, mechanical, electromechanical and metallurgical arts, including yarn texturizing systems, plastics, spectroscopic systems, amorphous and microcrystalline metals, components and processes for manufacture of amorphous metals, vehicle air cushion and seat belt safety systems, electronic article surveillance systems, industrial apparatus and process control equipment, pesticidal formulations, chromatographic separation of organic compounds, resins, pigments, adhesives, roofing and building materials, acoustical materials, insulation products, pressure sensitive tapes, wall coverings, friction materials, packings, asbestos fiber, fiberglass, spectroscopic systems, industrial wastes, environmental control systems, wax blends, safety valves, pesticides, chromatography, and molecular biology.

We also have expertise in the design and synthesis of organic substrates and organometallic complexes, transition metal mediated organic syntheses, molecular modeling, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis and mechanistic studies of such catalytic cycles, including syntheses of HIV-I Protease Inhibitors, chemotherapeutic agents and a catalytic ruthenium complex mediated syntheses of indoles.


Ernest D. Buff & Associates attorneys have extensive experience in the coordination of U.S. and foreign patent prosecution, litigation, opposition, licensing, interference proceedings, and proprietary technology protection, as well as document tracking for competitive intelligence, foreign filing, annuity review and patent report generation.  We advise clients regarding strategic alliances, acquisitions, outsourcing and consultancy engagements.  In the course of these activities, we regularly perform audits to determine what a client owns and what properties are protected or need protection.  We also assist our clients in building balanced portfolios of their patented technologies.  We enforce and defend our clients’ properties and activities in the federal courts and administrative tribunals.

We are equally well versed in the drafting and negotiation of exclusive supply contracts, licenses, distribution, secrecy and consultant agreements, and other business agreements for the development and exploitation of patent and other proprietary properties.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in the conducting of studies and opinions concerning patentability, infringement and validity questions.


We have represented numerous companies in copyright and trademark infringement matters, particularly in connection with the development, licensing and distribution of computer hardware and software, as well as art, character, text, audiovisual works, multimedia and electronic uses.  We assist clients in the selection, evaluation and registration of marks, as well as the policing of marks, and both copyright registration and protection.  We represent clients in opposition and cancellation proceedings before the USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and before the US Customs Service. 


We work with clients to establish appropriate company procedures and establish compliance programs, including the drafting of confidentiality/nondisclosure agreements.  We also regularly work with clients in developing product/idea evaluations and sampling agreements.


Protecting your creative property

Intellectual property is created by the human mind. The creativity element distinguishes it from personal, tangible or real property. Protecting intellectual property is different than protecting other assets. When handling intellectual property, attorneys must consider how to preserve the value of concepts, designs, ideas and innovations, rather than merely tangible items. Ernest D. Buff & Associates maintains the value of books, music, art, inventions, slogans, branding and business secrets through:

  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Trade secrets

Filing and protecting your patent

A patent is granted by the U.S. Patent Office for a specific time period to register inventions and improvements that are novel and useful. Our attorneys conduct a thorough patent search to determine whether a similar design has already been registered. If your design appears to be unique, our attorneys can assist you in preparing your drawings and descriptions, and we can file a detailed application. If another person or company attempts to infringe upon your patent rights, we pursue all available remedies to stop production and obtain compensation.

Registering your copyrights

You have an exclusive right to the work you produce when you put it into a tangible form, such as a book, photograph, musical composition, computer program or movie. Your work automatically gains federal copyright protection upon production. Our attorneys can help you register your work with the U.S. Copyright Office to protect it from unauthorized use, reproduction or distribution.

Preserving your business image through your trademarks

Trademark protects your commercial branding, logo, picture or design from use by others. Even use of a confusingly similar look, name or logo can constitute trademark infringement. Our attorneys file your trademark with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. If infringement occurs, we seek an injunction to stop further use and we sue the infringer for damages.

Safeguarding your business’ trade secrets

A formula, recipe, method, process or plan distinctive to your business constitutes a trade secret. Trade secrets are intrinsic to the success of your company and give you the competitive edge. When these unique functions are revealed, your company’s value is compromised. We help you protect your business through nondisclosure agreements and employment protocol. If an employee or outside party discloses protected information, our attorneys can minimize damage to your company and pursue your legal remedies.

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